Frequently Asked Questions

What is a payday loans online?

A payday loan online is just an unsecured short-term loan thapant is taken by applying for it through online. Payday loans are in place to help those that need money for emergency or unforeseen circumstances.

What can I use my payday loans for?

You can use these short-term payday loan for any purpose like paying electricity bills, telephone bills, water bills, kid’s school fee or medical fees etc.

What is the cost for a payday loans online?

Payday loans website charges 518% APR on our loans until your payday, usually your next due date. This rate corresponds to a $100 borrowed for two week.

How much can I borrow?

New members are eligible to borrow up to $500 cash amount. Preferred members are eligible to borrow up to $1000, depending on their previous credit rating.

What if I have bad credit?

Our online payday loan service offers convenient payday loans to needy people who have had past bad credit history. In order to find out if you are eligible for a payday loan from paydayloanwebsite.com, fill out our online application and send it for review.

How to apply at payday loans website?

We have very easy process to apply for online payday loans. All you have to do is fill out the paydayloanwebsite application form available on this website.

What are requirements for approval the loan?

  • Be the USA citizen and at least 18 years old
  • Your current job for at least 90 days or more
  • Monthly income after taxes must be at least $1000 per month
  • Have a checking account in any bank in the USA or credit union
  • Have a valid email address and current telephone number
  • Can’t be an independent contractor or self-employed

How do I pay off my loan debt?

You can pay back taken amount through checking electronic transfer, debit card method or direct deposit.

What if I can’t pay the loan on the due date?

If for any reason you can’t pay off your loan on your pay date, borrowers can request an extension on your loan due date, by contacting your prior to 3:00pm MST one business day before your payday loan payment is due. Assume, if your loan is due on a Saturday, you need to contact us by 3:00 pm MST on Friday before afternoon. If you loan is due on a Tuesday, you will need to contact us by 3:00 pm MST on Monday before afternoon.

What is payday loans extension?

You may be eligible to extend your payday loan to your next due date, by paying the all interest fees as of your current pay date. Your next payday cannot be more than 30 days from your current pay date, and can’t exceed the 60 day loan maximum. Borrowers are allowed to extend your loan by paying the earned interest only, once on any payday loans. All other extension payments require an additional principle payment of at least 10-12% of the original loan money.

Is my loan confidential and information will be secure?

Our payday loans policy is very strict and we never share borrower’s information to other. Except in accordance with our privacy policy; Remember that paydayloanwebsite.com loan application process is secure or safe, and all information you submit to us is encrypted in order to protect your personal information. We maintain electronic, physical, and procedural safeguards to protect any information we have about borrowers.